Friday, May 30, 2008

When Bad Seeds are Planted

Jilda and I wrote a song a few years ago called "You Can't Fly Like and Eagle on the Wings of a Wren" Like a lot of our songs, it has an inspirational leaning.
One of the verses goes:
When bad seeds are planted
The harvest is thin.
The song was written with a lofty appeal, but it is the truth even on a literal level.
Several weeks ago we bought a batch of black-eyed pea seeds from a local Super Center and headed home to plant them. We took the usual care placing them in the ground and waited for the little guys to pop out....we waited and waited and they never did.
Last Saturday we went to the local farmer's co-op and bought a batch of pea seeds. We planted them Monday and today they were popping out everywhere. It looked as if every seed we planted sprouted.
I'm not sure what the difference is, but we've had similar experiences in the past. When I mentioned this to the guy at the co-op, he could have piled on and slammed the Super Center, but he kept quite as he scooped out our seeds with an old scoop that had probably scooped enough pea seeds to feed a small country.

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