Sunday, May 25, 2008

Work Day

I love days like today. The sun burned off a thin layer of early morning fog and we had our coffee and cereal on the deck.
I've had issues with my tools lately but I've finally gotten everything back in good shape. I bought a new chainsaw, serviced the weed-eater, lawnmower, and power sprayer. I cleaned and tuned up the troybilt tiller and sharpened all the hand tools.
I spent the day working in the yard which is an activity I love. I had let things get a little gnarly, but by this evening it was looking good again.
Jilda has to work tomorrow so we decided to celebrate Memorial Day today. This evening she fired up the old charcoal grill and we threw on some onions, squash, and bratwurst. Yum.
We had a couple stumps in the yard that were just high enough for me to hit with the lawnmower. My friend Steve showed me a trick to try. You get a metal bucket and cut out the bottom. You set the bucket over the stump and pile on several charcoal briquettes. I fired up the briquettes and let them burn all morning. When I went out this evening to check, the stumps were ashes and what was left was the holes where they once had been. I grabbed the wheel barrow and hauled a little dirt to fill in the holes and WA-LA - I can cut the yard without having to raise the blade.
I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

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