Friday, May 09, 2008

Listening to the Birds

I did yoga this morning and it felt great. The last week or so I have been distracted and didn't have time to do yoga but I missed it. Yesterday, I seemed to be gritting my teeth and I felt a little off center. So this morning, I got up a little earlier and made it happen. I always seem to feel a little lighter after yoga.
While the coffee was brewing I stepped out on the deck at the first signs of light. Off to the west I could see the moon heading down and I heard what seemed like a thousand birds in concert. Some near and some farther away. Doves, orioles, cardinals, and whip-o-wills all singing their parts. I recorded a few seconds on my mp3 player
Recording nature is like trying to capture a sunset with a camera. It always misses the mark, but I think you'll get the idea. The metallic sound is dew dripping off the gutters on chaise lounger.
My day today went much smoother. I think anytime you can find the time to listen to the birds it puts other things into perspective.

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  1. Hey Rick, hopefully the music CD introduces you to some new melodies you and Jilda haven't heard before. The rose on the card is the 10th I've painted and I think I finally got it right. Would Jilda be willing to commute to Scottsdale for lessons. I don't think it would work too well over the phone.

    Best regards,


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