Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heading Home

We ambled back home from Mississippi about mid-day and the weather was perfect for driving. We put Zachery Richard in the cd player, slid back the sunroof and headed east.
When we reached the county road that takes us to I-20/59, I instinctively wanted to go straight. Jilda fetched the road atlas from the back seat and tried to find the road on the map but like Alabama, Mississippi has a spider web of narrow paved roads with a canopy of trees reaching over the road like a green tunnel. Since there were no signs pointing us to civilization, we decided to take the road we routinely take. About a mile down that road, we saw something ahead. As we approached, we saw that someone was trying to back a mobile home onto a narrow lot. They were using a farm tractor to move it, but the tractor was trying to get a good angle on the driveway and had somehow pulled too far into a ditch on the roadside which left the trailer totally blocking the road. It didn't take an engineer to understand that this road would be blocked for hours.
We backup up a ways and turned in the driveway of a small church and headed back to the intersection where my intuition had told me to go. We hung a right and a few miles down the road, we saw a sign for Aliceville which was on our map and we could find a path to Tuscaloosa and from there we knew how to get home.
We came around a curve and saw a remarkable old church in the Clinton community. I pulled off the side of the road and grabbed a quick picture. The church was as old as the hills, but still well maintained.
After we shot the photos, we headed on through Aliceville, Alabama which was a delightful little town with some beautiful old houses.
We made it home early afternoon and promptly took a nap. It was refreshing and afterward, I went out and watered the blueberries. We have six blueberry bushes now and I believe we'll have fruit next year if we don't have another drought this summer.

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