Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attila the Hen

Flossy the chicken is back on the nest. I couldn't bare to see her starving while sitting on unfertilized eggs for three weeks, so when Jilda visited her older sister on Saturday, she got four fertilized eggs. This way she may have a few chicks to show for the time she spent starving. On Saturday afternoon when we tried to shoo her off the nest to put the eggs in, she came off that nest like a chainsaw. She broke two of the new eggs I was holding and then pecked my legs a few times. I had on long pants and she couldn't do any damage, so she set her sights on Jilda and tore after her. Jilda squealed and fled as the angry bird chased her. I managed to place the eggs in the nest and then distracted Flossy so that Jilda could escape. I grinned and told Jilda that there was no way Flossy could hurt her. I can be strong headed, but when I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
Jilda went by her sister's house today to get a couple of replacement eggs and when I tried to shoo Flossy off the nest this evening, she pecked me hard on the wrist. She got in a lucky shot and hit a small vein. I bled like a stuck pig. When I got the bleeding stopped, there was a puncture wound the size of a ten penny nail in my wrist, and it hurt like crazy.
I made a management decision that I'm not going to fool with that chicken even if she sits on that nest until she turns to dust.
"I guess I can now call you hen-pecked," she said with a smile. Turn about is fair play.

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