Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weather Stuff

I've got to write fast - clouds are moving in from the west and I can hear thunder stomping closer by the minute.
Coming over the mountain on Arkadelphia road this evening, I could see angry clouds to the north but when I looked southward toward the direction of my house, the skies were blue with white puffy clouds. I thought we were home free, but apparently I was not born with the weather forecasting gene switched on in my dna. Jilda is a forecaster extraordinaire. She looks for rings around the moon, the posture of cows, the distant cawing of crows and the latest forecast on The Weather Channel. She's rarely wrong.
Our corn and okra could use a few days of hot dry weather, but ever since the drought last year, I made a personal pledge not to complain about the rain. Our area has had normal rainfall so far this year, but the water tables are still below normal. So I'm going to get life jackets for the tomatoes and hope for the best.
LIGHTENING STRIKE!!! REALLY CLOSE!!!! My goodness, look how late it has gotten. Signing off for now.

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