Monday, May 11, 2009

Civic Duty

I worked from home today so that I could do a little civic duty. The Kiwanis Club asked me to address this week's meeting and talk about the arts and kids.
I had to fess up and tell the crowd that before last night, I had no idea what the Kiwanis Club was all about. One quick Google search told the story. As it turns out, their mission is to serve the children of the world.
I told them that Jilda and I had been practicing Kiwanism without a license. I told them the story about teaching guitar to the local home for disadvantaged youth and how one kid gravitated to the guitar.
He was a very hyper kid and he drove the counselors crazy. When he turned his nervous energy into practice, he improved exponentially. Within a matter of months he was better that me.
When he left the system he made it to college and later married.
He focused on Christian Rock music, playing and recording all over the south. His story is remarkable.
I admire all the work of the Kiwanis Clubs across the world. I'm sure the work they do pays dividends in interesting ways.
Here is what I think: even a little time spent helping kids will pay huge rewards in the future. It's almost like planting a seed. You may never see it bare fruit, but you feel deep down in your bones that one day it will.

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