Saturday, May 23, 2009

If it ever stops raining

I woke up this morning and the sky was crying again. Not hard, but a gentile drizzle. After coffee, I acted as if it were 82 degrees with a warm breeze out of the west.
I got on the riding lawnmower and cut my grass. I had about a billion (OK, maybe that's a stretch) small limbs from all the recent storms. So I piled all that up and burned it in my burn pit. The dampness kept the fire from raging but the slow burn was effective and now all that remains is ash which I'll spread in my garden if the rain ever stops.
I then fired up the tiller and tilled the weeds from the garden and tilled up two new rows for the okra and more squash.....if it ever stops raining.
I have several other improvements and repair jobs that I have on my todo list. They've been there since winter turned to spring. I'll do them if it ever stops raining.
Tomorrow we're having company come over to visit and grill out.....if it ever stops raining.

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