Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Weekend

I worked from home today. The weather was perfect for working on the porch. I had to be quick with the mute button when I was on conference calls. Clyde the Rooster would hop up on the fence close to the porch and crow. I had to chase him off the fence and back into the back yard more times than one.
This weekend is the Blackwater Bluegrass festival. I took Ol' Buddy with me this evening to shoot a few pictures fore the website. It didn't take long to realize that was a mistake. He's a trooper but he was panting. I had to take him down to the creek to cool off.
He doesn't like to get his feet wet so I had to pick him up and sit him in the shallow water and let the cool water flow over his feet.
He wasn't happy, but it did the trick. I had parked the truck in the shade so I hung his leash on the bumper, got his bed out of the truck and I left him were he was cool while I finished up the pictures. He wasn't happy but he wasn't hot.
I'm on call this weekend so I hope it is queit.
Happy Weekend.

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