Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Jilda got me an ice cream freezer for our anniversary and I tried it out today. Jilda whipped up the recipe for vanilla and I loaded up the oak bucket with chipped ice and rock salt.
I've only used a manual (crank) ice cream freezer in the past, but I was thankful that the one she bought was electric.
We'd planned to have sort of a picnic today for a bunch of my great nieces and great nephews with the crochet set in the back yard but it rained most of the morning. We still cooked the dogs on the grill, but I set the freezer up on the screen porch and fired that baby up.
I didn't read the directions for the freezer at first because I was trying to keep the hot dogs from burning into charcoal. Then, our company started arriving so I still was unsure how you know when the ice cream is done.
I flipped through the book several times and I could not find out when you know when the stuff is ready to eat.
My nephew James picks up the book to the exact page and read "STEP 7, you'll know when your ice cream is ready when the motor slows down which normally takes about thirty minutes."
Everyone had a big laugh at my expense.
But, the bottom line is, we had some of the best ice cream I've ever put in my mouth. I don't know why we didn't buy one of these things years ago.
Everyone was ranting and raving. Here's the deal - ice cream is a treat that you only eat occasionally so when you make it, you make it with the real stuff. No low fat, artificial sugar or anything.
We both my kick out at a young age with clogged veins but we both agree that it's safer eating a little of the good stuff than eating a lot of what we consider the bad stuff.
We went down this evening and spent some time with my mom. I try to aggravate her a little each time I visit.
As we talked to my sister, my mom closed her eyes to doze. I took my foot and shook the arm of her chair. She immediately whacked my on the knee with a walking stick that my younger sister had lent her.
As I limped out after the visit, I thought to myself, "she may be old, but her reflexes are still very good."
Happy Mother's Day all.

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