Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squirrel Tale

As I sit here tapping away on my keyboard I am interrupted by a commotion outside my window.
A gray squirrel fat from all the corn I feed them, is peering through the screen trying to see what's going on inside.
I guess he's trying to focus because he's moving his head back and forth trying to see. I'm so close, I could reach out and touch him if the glass and screen were not there. I guess he managed to get an angle so the glare off the window didn't obstruct his view because when he saw me, he jumped straight up and almost missed the rhododendron limb. He clambered to the top of the tree well out of reach and turn to put me in my place with what I can only imagine was squirrel profanity.
I'll think long and hard before I scare a squirrel again
It's back to work for me tomorrow. It's been a fun, long weekend and I'm whupped. Fun ain't cheap.

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