Thursday, May 28, 2009


I inspected the garden this evening and put cages around the tomatoes. It seems like they grow a bit each time I blink my eyes. Gently guiding the branches and leaves through the openings is slow work because the last thing you want to do to a young plant is break a limb.
It seems the gnats always attack when your hands are busy. I had one gnat as big as a humming bird fly right into my eye and try to wriggle himself underneath my contact lens.
I blinked my eye and rubbed against the sleeve of my shirt and finally knocked him away while I finished with the plants.
Afterwards I walked toward the barn to check the deer feeder. As I walked, I could smell the tomato plants on my hands. I held them close to my nose and took a long inhale.
The garden looks good in spite of all the rain. It's still too wet to hoe out the middles but the weatherman said we have several days of sun headed our way so hopefully I can work the garden early Saturday morning before the sun gets too hot to hoe.
I hope all your gardens are bountiful.

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