Friday, May 08, 2009

Dried Flowers

This Sunday is Decoration Day at McCormack Cemetery where Jilda's folks are buried. We went to the craft store last Friday when I was off on vacation and she bought a trunk full of dried flowers that were more colorful than a kaleidoscope.
Most people buy baskets of flowers because they don't have the time or talent to do the arranging themselves, but give Jilda a pair of wire cutters and some dried flowers and she gets lost for hours. I can talk to her but she doesn't hear me because she's in the Zone. Hours pass without notice to her. It just one of the many things she's good at.
If the weather holds, we're playing in Old Towne Helena, Alabama tomorrow. We are not playing at the Buck Creek Festival, but for one of the local merchants. We'll be on the street.
Helena is a fun place and on Buck Creek Festival day, it is really a hoot.
Y'all come

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