Thursday, May 07, 2009


I tapped the keyboard tonight when I got home trying to think of a topic for the blog entry. Astro, our dog that is a Lab, greyhound, and gazelle mix, came up and nuzzled his nose under my arm.
He expects a walk when I get home but I was busy and forgot.
I decided to go for a walk to see if it freed up my mind.
The path is coming to life. You can't see them in this photograph, but mixed in with the yellow wild flowers is tiny white and purple ones.
The blackberries are also in full bloom so we have that working to complete the nature path motif.
When I returned, I had supper and now I'm in a much better frame of mind.
A few years ago, loggers came through this property and pretty much clear cut all the pine, hickory and oak. Both Jilda and I were too depressed to walk our little path for a long time.
But Mother Nature has a way of reclaiming her own.
Given a little time, things will return as beautiful as ever.
As I walk down there today, the pines are on their way. It will take much longer for the oak and hickory, but in time they will return.

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