Sunday, May 03, 2009

Where does the time go?

Today has been messy. I heard rain on the roof while I was waking up this morning. I looked out the window as the coffee brewed and I said a little prayer for my water-logged squash and tomato's.
We spent the day getting the house back in order. Jilda and I both have been under the weather the last few weeks and the last thing on our mind was cleaning the house, but things were beginning to grow in unexpected places.
We divided up the chores and went to work and things came together nicely. Jilda knocked off about noon and whipped up some chicken tortellini soup which was scrumptious. It's amazing what comes out of that kitchen.
Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo. That means that it's our 35th wedding anniversary. It is difficult to comprehend where the time goes.

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