Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eye Exam

I had an eye appointment today and I learned something valuable. Always make your appointments for the afternoon unless you have the day off.
I did mine today at 11 a.m. They deleted my eyes....OK, I know it's dilated, but deleted sounded better when I told the story to my co-workers. Anyhow, when she put that solution in, I was fine. Dr. Paige (I don't recall her last name) completed the tests and I was on my way. When I walked out into the noon day sun, I realized the light was harsh even with good sunglasses.
Tears as big as kittens rolled down my face. Thankfully the glass in my truck is tinted so I managed to get back to work without incident.
But I struggled to read my computer screen for most of the day. Even now, thing are a little blurry but that's due in part to the fact that my prescription changed a little and my brain is adjusting to the difference in the lens.
Anyhow, I can promise you this - next year when it comes time for the eye exam, I'll either take the day off or get a driver.

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