Sunday, May 30, 2010

After the storm

Just when I thought things were back to normal on the farm, things go south. This past week, after doing a capture and release (many miles from here) of the raccoon that slayed our chickens, I thought it would be safe to buy more baby peeps.
I went by Jasper Seed and Feed on Friday and picked up six little ones. They were really cute and they'd let you pet them without freaking out. First night everything was hunky-dory, but when I went out this morning, there was no sign of the peeps.
Either the raccoon found its way home or another member of the family decided to take up residence at the Watson Chic-Fill-A.
I fretted about that all morning until a thunderstorm rumbled up from the south and blew down about half of our corn.
By early afternoon, with the power off (knocked out by the storm), I was ready to pull up stakes and move to the city.
But this evening when we returned from a visit with my mom, we got out of the car and saw our first gardenia  blossom of the spring. The next few days, the aroma around here will be intoxicating.
So maybe we'll stick around for a while longer.  But if you are of the raccoon family, be afraid, very afraid!

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