Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Pen

I got up and rolling early this morning. My new friend Charlie had agreed to help me work around the farm.
We raked old leaves and mulched the garden and then we began work on our new chicken pen.
I wanted to do it right, so I bought treated 4x4's 8 feet long. We dug holes two feet deep and sunk the posts into the ground.
I can tell you this, I will be sore in the morning. I haven't dug post holes in a long time. Charlie did most of them but I did about five which was enough to make my arms feel like lead.
We then strung high grade chicken wire around the new pen. I'll build and hang a new pen door and then an entryway into the laying box area.
The last thing that must be done before I call it a done deal is a roosting area. I bought the tin but I still have to get some more lumber to finish the job.
Weather permitting, I'll be through before Jilda gets back home on Sunday.
I can tell you this - it will be an early night tonight because this boy is whupped.

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