Friday, May 28, 2010


It breaks my heart seeing the images coming out of Gulf. I find myself getting angry, but what good does that do?
Most corporations are soul-less. They exist for one reason and that is to maximize shareholder profits.
I have two gas cards in my billfold, one of which is a BP card.  It would be easy to unload on this bunch, but what's gnawing at me is that I/we all are to blame as well.
We know oil is a scarce commodity. We fight wars to keep the flow coming. Instead of facing the facts, we buy bigger and bigger cars, and build bigger and bigger houses.
It's hard when the chicken's come home to roost. I fear this spill is an environmental catastrophe, the likes of which, we have never seen before. We will never know the full impact. This could cause species to go extinct.
I feel helpless, but I know there are things I can do. The next car I buy will be a lot more fuel efficient.
I'm having new energy efficient windows installed in our home. I'll be doing research on solar panels and other alternative sources of energy. One person can't make a dent, but if enough of us are affected by this disaster, maybe we all can start this country moving in the right direction.  

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