Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Gig

My mind was drifting across the Universe this morning as I washed Jilda's car. Ingrid (the Volvo) had road grime on her from the last road trip Jilda made to South Carolina.
I didn't hear the phone ring, but my mind came back to this timezone when I heard her calling my name. She handed me the cordless. She leaned over the deck rail and the morning sun was behind her, making her hair glow. It look ethereal.
When I answered the phone, it was Susan Hall, editor for Tri-City Review newspaper in Mobile. She told me that her mom lives south of Birmingham and gets 280 Living newspaper. Apparently her mom routinely mails the paper down to Susan each month. She said that she loved my work and asked if she could start running my column in her paper.
I looked back up at Jilda, who was listening to my side of the conversation, and smiled. She wasn't eavesdropping, but taking advantage of the warm sun on this beautiful day.
Susan asked me to send a column down today if possible because she was actually putting the paper together today.  I sent her the column for this week which was about biscuits.  We briefly discussed deadlines and payment schedules and the conversation was over.
I'm thrilled to pick up another paper. If I had another fifty or so, I'd be REAL encouraged.

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