Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Thirty six years ago today, we set out on the road with a marriage license and an intention to get married. We'd been dating on and off since 1968 and hadn't slain each other so we thought we'd give matrimony a go.
A tornado had damaged the Walker County Courthouse and it was closed for business so we had to get the license in Jefferson County.
Jilda's dad Sharky wanted to see the paperwork before we left town to make sure we weren't pulling the wool over his eyes. He called ahead to his friend Coy Phillips who lived in Brewton, Alabama and was the preacher we'd decided on to tie the knot for us.
We arrived at Coy and Brenda's house in the early afternoon and got married on the porch of their house trailer. Brenda, who'd never taken a picture in her life, shot the wedding portrait.
After the ceremony, we said our goodbye's and headed south to Panama Beach, Florida. That was back before anyone had ever heard of condos. The Miracle Strip was still in full swing and you could walk down the beach without stepping on people.
It was a magical time...a new beginning for us both. I don't think my parents or hers gave us a fighting chance to stay together, but we did.
Leaving or quitting was never in our vocabulary. I can say that there are many times she would love to have beat me senseless with an iron skillet, but she never did. When we had hard times, we worked through them.
We both learned to check in when we were apart, and learned, over time, to listen when we needed to. We learned to say "I'm sorry" when we needed to.
We both shared the love of music, gardening, flowers, friends, and good food. Time slid by so quickly that we hardly noticed it passing.
I can say without hesitation that the last thirty six years have been a gift.

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  1. And sharing your thoughts and remembrances with us has been a gift we cannot repay. Thank you, Rick and Jilda. Happy anniversary, and many more!


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