Monday, May 10, 2010

Bird Trauma

OK, I'm cheating. I'm writing a blog entry the morning after and dating it for last night. We had a bit of trauma yesterday that threw us off course.
When we stepped out to check the garden yesterday morning, we realized that something was wrong. There were feathers all over the yard and with a little investigation we saw that something had killed one of our chickens while she was nesting.
Apparently a possum caught her on the nest, dragged her a short distance away, killed, and ate her. One of the biddies that had just hatched was still in the nest and frantic.
Fortunately there were two hens nesting at the same time and the other hen had just gotten off the nest a few days ago with two biddies. I picked up the traumatized chick and put it with the other hen and she took it in.
I buried the remains of the dead hen and silently cursed the possum.
Yesterday afternoon, I drove to the co-op and bought a trap. Last night when I should have been writing, I was setting and baiting the trap and fantasizing what I'm gonna do with the big old rat when I catch him.
More to follow.

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