Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interesting World

Wal-Mart is a universe unto itself. We never fail to see something interesting each time we visit. Today we saw couples that looked as if they just stepped out of a fashion magazine, and then we saw folks that looked like biker magazine rejects.
We're way past the point of being shocked by what people wear in there, but we still see things that make you wonder what the heck these folks were thinking.
There was a woman in short shorts and a tank top there today. She had an eye ring and tattoos O'plenty. That in itself is not that strange or interesting. I'm sure the tattoos were quite lovely when the lady was twenty years old, but now that she's about forty, they look a little wilted and sad.
I wonder if these folks have any regrets.
I have a tattoo as well. It's on my right shoulder blade which is fortunate in that it's rarely seen, but also it's located in a place that doesn't droop.
My cousin Micky had MOM tattooed on three fingers of his left hand. That would not have been that odd, except when his hand was down by his side, the tattoo spelled WOW. It wasn't quite what he intended.
I don't really think about my tattoo that often, except when I see unfortunate ones like I saw today. I'd never go to the expense of having it removed. Jilda doesn't have a problem with it so I think I'll just let it ride.

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