Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chicken Slayer

I had almost given up hope that I'd catch the animal that killed my chickens. I tried cheese, eggs, and fruit without success.
A few nights ago, I put a can of sardines in the humane trap. Low and behold, I found this raccoon in there this morning. He was not happy. He had somehow scooted the trap about ten feet, from the inside. Not sure how he did that.
When I started to pick the trap up and move it to the shade, he tried to reach his paws through the cage and get me. He weighed about twenty five pounds but he acted a lot bigger.
The trap is an amazing design. It allows you to catch cats, small dogs, possums, raccoon, and other small critters. The one thing I learned is there's not a real good way to get a critter out of the cage.
You have to push the trap door open to give the critter an escape route. I first started to open it with my hand, but the raccoon lunged at my hand, so I quickly scrapped that plan. I had a long stick in the back of the pickup and managed to prop the door open. The little varmint attached the stick before finally scurrying out of the trap and toward the Mulberry River.
He now lives about twenty miles away, in the next county.

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