Monday, May 17, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of Farming

The chicken-eating critter is still on the rampage. It got our last peep last night and today it grabbed our roster in broad daylight.
We raised Henry from a peep. He was about two years old. I really hated to see him go.
I went to buy chicken wire today. Our chickens were pretty much free range chickens, but the only way we'll have a chance at protecting them is if I build a really solid enclosure.  I'm not sure if that will be fool proof.
I really wish I could catch the critter and take it to someplace far away.
My buddy at the co-op said it was probably a raccoon, but I'm not sure. My nephew has a game camera that has a motion sensor on it. I asked to borrow it and maybe I can catch what it is. That way I'll at least know what kind of bait (other than my dang chickens) it eats.
On the positive side, the garden is doing great!  Jilda and I went out before the sun got hot this morning and weeded the peas and her row of flowers.  We have green tomatoes, blueberries that are a few days from being ripe, apple and pear trees that are full of fruit.
We're about to head out to yoga class. Have a great week.

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