Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walker County Green Interview

Channel 55 interviewed Jilda and I this evening. The topic was the new website we created called www.walkercountygreen.com.
The local news outlet was interested in hearing out thoughts on recycling.
We talked about the website and the fact that we've been dabbling with recycling for years.  We recycle our aluminum cans, scrap metal, and newspapers (until recently).
We had a water filter installed on our cold water in the kitchen so most of the drinking water comes from there. We do buy bottled water occasionally when we're traveling. It's difficult to take our sink with us so we backslide.
One statistic I found while preparing for the interview and that is that we Americans use 12.5 million plastic bottles an hour. Most of these bottles go straight to the dump. The sun will burn out before these things break down in a landfill.
I know Alabama lags behind most other places on the planet when it comes to the environment. We'd like to do our part to try and change that.

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