Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Call me a dreamer

I've put out corn under our apple tree three times today. More and more deer are finding their way to our house.
The weather has been phenomenal these last few days and I sat out on the deck writing this evening before dark, as I waited for Jilda to get home from work.
At one point, I was deep in thought and when I looked up from the screen, I saw four deer feeding. There is one young deer that travels alone and a female that has two fawns. We've watched the two young ones grow because we see them almost every day now. They were all together chowing down.
I know the lack of rain has made their food supply even more scarce than usual. I sat there and watched for a long while before they wandered off down behind the barn.
I know it will be deer season soon and I dread hearing the sound of gunshots. With each report I'll wonder if one of our friends has died.
If I were to hit the lottery or one of my upcoming books makes its way onto the best seller list, I would buy all the land around me and the only shooting that would be done would be with a camera.
Call me a dreamer, but that's what I'd do.


  1. I can call you a dreamer
    but you're not the only one,
    Maybe some day they'll join us
    and the world can live as one

    I share your dream

  2. The weather here has been perfect lately as well. I'm not a hunter so camera shooting seems okay to me.

  3. I remember the sound of ribles in the fall. I grew up on a 350 acre farm. Mom allowed her neighbors to hunt in the pastures where the cattle weren't. It was a cultural thing there but I still thought of the annimals who were not doing anything to harm the hunter, but the hunter still killed them. It wasn't like they needed the meat either, this wa sin the 1960's and there were groceries then.


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