Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just in case

I normally write when the day is done, when I've done all the chores, and running around. But in looking at the radar, the weather to the west doesn't look good.
Often when we get straight line winds, our power can be off for an extended length of time so I'm doing a short update this afternoon.
If the weather gods smile upon us, I'll do a regular update tonight.


  1. Batten down the hatches and hopefully everything will turn out well. Hope to see you later.

    lol My verification word is noncypot. Not sure what that might mean but I felt compelled to tell you ;)

  2. Maybe it's an anagram.
    No Pot ncy
    Not Po ncy
    No Potncy

  3. He had tornado warnings about noon today and now all afternoon a nice steady rain! If it's raining after dark, I'm going out to stand in it for a while.


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