Saturday, October 30, 2010


We just rolled in from Local Color Restaurant in Springville. We've got guts to play a gig in Alabama on Friday night or Saturday during football season. It's hard enough to get a crowd out when there's nothing going on, but it's difficult to compete with football here.
The thing about playing music, is that we don't do it for the money. If we were, we would have found something more lucrative. We play because we love playing.
We always strive to do our best whether we're playing for ten people or two thousand. So thanks to those who blew off high school football tonight, joined us at Local Color, had a great meal, and listened to The Overalls.
After all, you are the reason we play.
Everybody have a great weekend.


  1. I would've been there if the commute was not such a killer. :) We haven't been to a ball game (in person or via tele) in about a hundred years--not our thing--but we do enjoy live music. We should find some groups here to go listen to I guess!

  2. Live music is a lot of fun. Our buddy Steve is with a non-profit organization that does house concerts around Birmingham.
    The artists are "under the radar" for the most part, and most are incredible performers.
    The level of talent out there is incredible....I think it's much better than you normally hear on the radio.


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