Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Who knows the mystery of inspiration? It often strikes out of nowhere, and when you least expect it.  I believe that inspiration is like a signal that's ever present. In the world of electronics, I think they call it potential, but the point is, it's there like a ripe apple just ready for the picking, but you have to know where, how, and you have to be looking. 
Your mind is like a radio receiver that's scanning the ether for that signal. Sometimes it comes in loud and clear and sometimes there are sun spots that hide the signal behind a curtain of fog or waves of static.
I recently watched a new documentary about Bruce Springsteen, and the film provided insight on how Bruce approaches songwriting. He keeps a notebook with lyrics and his songs kind of evolve. It's the Frankenstein approach because he'll use a verse from one song, a bridge from another, and a chorus from yet another. It sounds strange, but it works.
He focuses on every element of the song and hones it like the edge of an expensive knife...until it's right. That takes vision and persistence.
Jilda and I have been writing for as long as we've been married and we have scores of notebooks in our closet, filled with songs and song fragments. I pulled some of the notebooks out today and started flipping through.
There was a lot of crap in there, but then I found some gems too. After watching the Springsteen documentary, I looked at the notebooks with renewed interest.
One song I found was one we wrote almost seven years ago. I had forgotten about the tune, but as I read over it, I really like it. It's called - I Think of You. 
It's about friendship - the lyrics follow:

      I Think of You

Last night in the middle
Of a most delicious dream
I woke and dialed your number
To hear the voice on your machine
I think of you, I think of you

Sometimes in the shower
Or driving in my car
I’ll think of something funny
And wonder where you are
I think of you, I think of you


People come and people go
Most never cross your mind
But now and then, you find a friend
That’s with you for all time
I think of you, I think of you

The road may sometimes take us
A million miles apart
But you will always be
Right here in my heart
I think of you, I think of you

Someday in the future
When the two of us grow old
Money will not matter
We’ll have memories of gold
I think of you, I think of you


  1. Good lyrics. The notebook method sounds like good trade craft.

    Taylor Swift was on a show today on TV. She said that when she's writing songs for a new CD she is obsessed with them; turning over in her head which word to put where and would this one be better than that one, etc.

    When I write a poem it is just there. This is maybe why I don't write many. SMILE

  2. When I write poems, the words just seem to drive me to get them written down. I wonder if they're rattling around in my brain waiting for the right combination.


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