Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Frog Festival 2010

The sky today was the color of a baby blue 1956 Fort Thunderbird. It was chilly this morning, but when the sun came up, the day warmed up nicely.
The crowd at this year's Frog Festival in downtown Sumiton was the biggest ever. I stood in the middle of Main Street, which is blocked off for the festival, and looked in both directions. It was wall to wall people. There were thousands.
I do the website for the festival and the fun part for me is photographing the kids.  
They are all excited with the food, the music, and the kids area. I wish I had the concession for reptiles. I must have seen a hundred kids carrying turtles and other exotic pets.
But as Jilda says, these small town festivals are almost like family reunions. You see family, friends, and people you went to school with that you haven't seen in years. 
I had a great time, but I was whupped by this evening and I can assure you it will be an early night tonight.


  1. Festivals and kids go hand in hand. At times I miss the times when the kids were little and the festivals/fairs we went to.

  2. Ok, I'm not a kid, but I think I must go to the frog festival simply because I love any & everything froggie related. (CR)


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