Sunday, October 03, 2010

Visiting Mom

I went by to see my mom this afternoon. She will be eighty seven her birthday in a few months and she doesn't get out anymore except on rare occasions when she has to go to the doctor.
She's practically blind and deaf, so my sister bought a really big TV and it's usually turned up full volume. 
My sister is used to it, but every time I head home after a visit, my ears ring like I'd just left a Rolling Stones concert.
Today she was in a little bit of a huff because it was the last game of the regular season for the Braves.
That's one thing she still takes a great deal of pleasure in...watching the Braves.
Today was long time manager Bobby Cox's last regular season game and a must win for the Braves to make the playoffs. They had been leading the Phillies big but then the Phils came back late and turned it into a barn burner.
As it turns out, the Braves won and secured a wildcard in the playoffs. That means she'll hopefully get to watch a few more games.
My mom looks frail these days. When we were kids, she was bigger than life. She ran a tight ship and there was no room for bad behavior. 
We had a kid visit from up north one summer and she caught him being cruel to an old mangy dog. She snatched the kid up and striped his legs with a hedge limb. You could tell the kid didn't get disciplined much at home because he was almost in shock she got through with him.
My mom got on the phone to his aunt that he was staying with and told her what he had done.
His aunt instructed mom to send him home and he promptly got another whipping when he got home.
It was almost like that scene in movie Airplane where people were lined up to smack the guy that was out of line. 
At any rate, after the attitude adjustment, the kid was ALWAYS on his best behavior when he around our house.
I thought about this story when today as I sat watching the last of the Braves game and I had to smile. 
I know it's a long shot, but I wish the Braves would rise to the occasion and go all the way this year. I know it would make my mamma very happy.


  1. My Mom was tall and took after her father. My grandmother, her mother was short.

    She died in 1998 when she was 84 and was so frail by then if I'd not witnesses her physical decline, I'd not have believed it.

    I hope your mom's team does well and thereby delights her again.

  2. I hope the Braves go all the way! I have a friend in a nursing home who is in her nineties and partly blind. Her best time of the day is 2:00pm when her favorite soap opera is on. It's important to have those things to look forward to.
    When I'm old I'm watching old reruns of MASH.

  3. Your mother sounds a lot like my grandmother. I thought she'd outlive all of us at times. It's pretty neat she follows baseball.


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