Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Work Day

I feel taller tonight. I had two stories due today and I've spent the day writing. I finished up just before supper this evening.
It is my intention to schedule my work where this does not happen often.
But, it's been a good day. I got out on the screen porch early. There was a chill in the air so I wore my sweat suit. A couple cups of steaming coffee set me right. Ol Buddy's a trooper because he sat by my side all day long.
At one point I opened the screen door and let him lie in the sun. He was sound asleep when a chipmunk scurried up. He apparently though Buddy was a patch of moss because he came right up to the little mutt. 
I guess Buddy sensed the movement and when he opened his eyes, it must have startled him because he jumped knee high. 
When he recovered enough he mounted a charge, but the critter was long gone by then. Buddy looked up to see if I was looking. It almost looked like he was embarrassed that he'd gotten snookered.
I called him up on the porch and gave him a bite of cheese which seemed to lift his spirits.
Y'all have a great Thursday.....I just might go fishing. 


  1. Writing being a creative thing, I admire your ability to do it on deadline. Since I don't write professionally, it's the thing I think about and only sit down to do when I can't stand thinking about it any more.

    I wish I had a writing dog.

  2. I am thinking today might be the day I go rescue some little mutt to bring home to share my days of creating with. It is time. Thanks for the early morning smile. Hope the fish bite well for you today.


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