Saturday, October 30, 2010

Late Tomatoes

We stayed up way past our bedtime last night. Since it's still football season here, we were fairly sure we wouldn't have a packed house so we decided to use the restaurant's sound system instead of lugging Steve's. 
As it turns out, Louie Blue, a local singer/songwriter was there and he's had some experience with sound so he helped us tweak the knobs to get a decent sound. It wasn't as good as when our sound guru buddy Fred is behind the console, but I thought we did well.
We slept late this morning....which was 7 a.m. for me and I threw on the coffee. Jilda got up a short time later and did her kitchen magic.  She whipped up one of her world famous breakfast casseroles. It has grits, eggs, sausage, cheese and some other secret ingredients, baked to perfection.
I stepped down the fence and snagged some late tomatoes that have withstood the heat and drought.
I can tell you this: To my way of thinking, one would have to look far and wide to come up with a better complement to a scrumptious breakfast.
Life is good.


  1. I got up cold, as I've not turned the heat on and it was 34 last night, made coffee, did the usual routine and went to run errands and yard sales. I figure it's the last good week end for yard sales. I found a cotton throw I can use for $3.

    I agree fresh tomatoes from your garden is much better than from anywhere else.

  2. I love finding useful booty at yard sales. It's amazing what people get rid of.


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