Sunday, October 17, 2010

Company's a coming

We invited friends over this afternoon so we spent the morning sprucing up the house. We'd planned to run to the store to buy a few things, but we both stayed up past our bedtime last night to watch Alabama play Old Miss, so we decided to take a nap at mid-day instead of going to the store.
This caused a brief period of panic, but Jilda's a whiz at menu changes on the fly. She looked through the fridge and found a carton of veggie soup mix we'd put up this summer. She made a pone of cornbread and a jug of sweet tea. 
I picked a few apples off our tree and she made an apple/cranberry tart.  
The flowers in our garden have kept us furnished with color for the table, living room and bathrooms, but most of them have stopped blooming due to the heat and lack of rain.
I jumped in the truck and drove a few miles to an area where wild daisies grow on both sides of the road. I cut enough in a matter of moments to decorate the house. The place was a hit!
We love to entertain. I sometimes think we need to do a bed and breakfast, but then I think - who would do all those dishes? and the thought passes.
Y'all have a great week. 


  1. The dream of a bed & breakfast for a nice middle age couple is like the dream of a vineyard for a nice middle age couple. I think the vision is much better as a dream than a reality. Who wants to make what they enjoy doing a business?

  2. I enjoy entertaining too, but only for a meal or a day. I am not so much into all the laundry and deep cleaning involved in overnight guests.

    I used to dream of owning a B&B, but between the laundry, the dishes and pleasing people day in and day out, it seems like a lot more work than pleasure. :)


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