Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Promise of Rain

Jilda and I have been almost giddy for most of the day. We saw on radar where we had a slight chance for a little rain tonight and it has almost been like we're awaiting the arrival of an old dear friend.
Tonight after dark, I went out on the deck, sat in a chair and looked up pleadingly at an overcast sky. All of a sudden, a raindrop fell and hit me in my right eye. I laughed out loud and called inside for Jilda to come join me.
She came out and sat with me for a long while and not a single drop fell. She had fun at my expense and accused me of hitting the hard cider. As soon as she stepped inside, another drop fell on my arm.
A while later, I could smell the rain off in the distance and then it came a little faster. It wasn't enough to wash the dust off the cars, but still it felt good on my face.
The weatherman says the rain will move in here Sunday night and it could rain a few days. Even the promise of rain makes me fell better.


  1. You must have the voodo that you do so well to charm those rain drops. I don't blame Jilda, I'd think you were drinking too.

    We had rain Wednesday and are promised it tomorrow too. We need a full week of steady rain.

    That scent is something I seldom notice in the city, but I remember it.

  2. We had a lovely rainy day yesterday, and dense fog this morning. It was indeed delightful. The temps falling into the 40's made me doubly appreciate my morning coffee today, and we, too, have more rain forecast for the weekend.

    I have always loved the rain... my mom used to stop whatever she was doing whenever we had a thunderstorm and go out on the porch to smell the rain and watch the show in the sky. As a result, I never feared storms like many of my friends did. I am sure living in the desert (AZ) made rain storms more treasured back then, but I still enjoy wrapping up in a blanket and sitting under the covered porch listening and watching the rain. And it rains a LOT more here!


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