Thursday, March 03, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

Jilda skied out at midmorning to meet her girlfriends for lunch. She hasn't had a girls day out in a long time so I agreed to fly solo keeping Jordan (for new readers, he is my 3 year old great nephew).
Her exhaust still hung fresh in the driveway as Jordan says - let's go to the barn! HEY! I said, that's a great idea!
We headed off down to the barn and pal'd around for hours. I took him down to meditation rock for the first time. 
I didn't dare turn him loose long enough to take a picture of him down there because there is a drop off of about a hundred feet at the edge of this rock. At the bottom is a natural pond fed by a small creek.
We sat there for a long time with him in my lap. I identified every tree within sight and we also had a lengthy discussion about moss.
I'm trying to get him to be more mindful of little things.
On the way back up to the barn, we saw deer tracks and I explained the difference between doe and buck tracks. We also found some rabbit poop and some tiny violet flowers with blooms about the size of a match head.
He laid down in the sun and took a really close look. He asked if he could pick a bouquet for his mom, but I changed the subject quickly and we were off to the house for a good cold glass of water.
It was almost time for his nap, which he thinks is a waste of valuable barn time, so I whipped out a bottle of bubbles and started blowing them at him from the deck. He ran around the back yard for about thirty minutes stomping and swatting at bubbles on the wind.
When we went inside to drink more water, he sat on the couch and within a matter of minutes he was out like a light and slept for almost three hours.
We waited all day for "the big truck" to bring the lumber for the last leg of our home construction project, but it didn't arrive until after his nanna picked him up this evening.  I know he will be disappointed when he realizes he missed all the excitement. 
He'll be fine once he finds out he'll be able to supervise the work on the deck next week.


  1. That is one lucky and very loved little boy. Nice job Uncle!!

  2. Awwwwww Jordan just sounds so adorable and such fun!!! Phew what energy though!!!! LOL!!

    I think he has the bestest great uncle ever! Take care

  3. Sounds like a great time with your "Adventure in Babysitting" little guy had a full day. Our grandchildren follow Don around because he is always doing something in his shed.

  4. I used to carry my grandkids around with me in the yard when they were very little naming all the plants and flowers and bugs.

  5. What a great Uncle you are! My grandson is 3 and they are a rock full of fuel aren't they? The things you do with Jordan will live forever as wonderful memories for him!

  6. He is lucky to have you in his live. What a priceless day you shared with him.


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