Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Home Alone

It's been almost warm enough to swim here today. I spent the morning lining up interviews for Friday and doing research.
After lunch I took my laptop down to the creative space and sat on the porch to write my column for Sunday's paper.  I've moved tons of junk out of the old house, but there's still a long way to go. But sitting on the porch was nice too.
I have one more construction project to complete before I begin to focus on the creative space and the barn.
The back deck on house we live in needs to be replaced. While my carpenter is here, I'm going to have him replace several of the windows with the newer energy efficient windows. We're also installing Hardiboard on the back and sides of the house. The siding is made out of concrete and it's guaranteed for 50 years. This will put our place back in shape.
Of course, I might have to deliver pizza's at night to offset the costs, but I'm looking forward to finishing up with construction.
Jilda is having lunch with a bunch of her girlfriends tomorrow so that means our great nephew Jordan (3 years old) and I  will be "home alone".
I'm not sure what all we'll get in to, but I'm betting we'll be eating Popsicles, mac-n-cheese, and bananas, which are three of his favorite things.
I also think he'd move in down at the barn if given a choice, so we'll be spending some time down there.
I hope y'all have a great Thursday.


  1. I wish it was warm enough to swim here. If it was warm enough to crank the heat up on the hot tub, I'd be happy. Lenny dropped by for lunch today and a soak in the hot would have been perfect!

  2. Nice to hear your home is coming along fine. It will sure feel good when it is done. Now, don't get into trouble tomorrow with the little guy!

  3. We have hardy board on our enclosed patio addition and like it a lot. In fact, when we had to have some old masonite siding replaced on the front of the house, we went back with hardy board, and it does weather really well. I think you will be glad you did all that.

    It is not very warm where we are, but we'll soon be singing a different tune! I think I like all the different weather and that I might be bored if it was always nice... not that I have ever had much of a chance to experience it!

  4. The plant here in SC that makes that Hardiboard is who closed down and caused Bruce to lose his job back in 09. It was a great driving job but when the economy crashed, building just up and stopped around here. Nice to hear your fixing it all up though. Pizza drivers make good tips right? haha.

  5. It's warm enough to swim here in Fl but sure would be in a pool not any bodies of water. Too many head back to NC the end of the month and will be around the grands ages 11,7 and 4. that's when the fun begins. Looking forward to reading how your home comes together.

  6. I hope you and your super cute nephew Jordan have a great time!!!

    Your creative space is so worth having to deliver pizzas on the side! LOL! take care

  7. Maybe instead of pizza delivery, a part-time job at home depot would be the ticket! Atleast you'd get discounts for all the projects...I can't wait to see the end results! Have fun with Jordan!

  8. Rick, It's not nice to tease...about the weather!!!

    A peanut butter and jelly picnic on a warm day, outside on the porch, sounds just marvelous to me!!!


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