Saturday, March 05, 2011

An Old Rainy Day

It was an old cold rainy day here today. I got chilled this morning when I went out to feed the critters and I stayed cold most of the day.
Jilda is on the final stretch of her yoga therapy certification and had class this weekend so I was on my own today (as well as tomorrow).
I did a lot of work I'd been putting off. I transcribed interviews and updated several of the websites I maintain, including I also worked on a slideshow for one of our songs. 
Learning new software can be slow work. One of the hardest things for me is to unlearn how to work on Windows software.  Once I got the hang of putting the pictures and transitions in, I got into a rhythm and it flowed from there.
I did listen to the song about a million times while I was editing, and I'm officially sick of it. I now have a new appreciation for working with film. 
It looks like the rain is moving out tomorrow so maybe I can get in a few hours work cleaning out the creative space. I hope to have some semblance of order there by the end of March.
Jilda is getting excited now about the next phase which is to make our space not only habitable, but artful. She has a knack for that so I'm excited too.
I hope the rest of the weekend is remarkable for you all.


  1. Not being a creative person I always marvel at the concentration it takes to get your thoughts on paper or the computer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Yay for having the patience to learn the new software!!!! I'm so curious as to see what you did with your music now - will investigate your new website asap!!! Amazingly, the sun's shining here!!! Wow!! Take care

  3. Despite the rain, you got a lot of things accomplished. Good for you! You could have chosen to be a couch potato!!

  4. The rain was here yesterday in buckets...then today I awoke to a dusting of snow. Don't know which I'm sick of more! I'm looking forward to your completed creative space!

  5. An artful space is always uplifting. I can imagine that it will be a fun place for the both of you. Enjoy your week.


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