Sunday, March 13, 2011

New App

I've got a new app on my iPhone called the Bucket List. I've had a Bucket List ever since I saw the movie.
At the risk of writing about a topic that has been over written, I still find the idea compelling, so I'm writing about it once more.

This new app on my phone allows you to share your list with others around the world. I click on a button and I see that Alexia7 wants to"
Fall in Love
Swim with Dolphins
and Donate her hair to a cancer patient

Johnxxx, on the other hand wants:
To have a 3 Some
To Make a hole in 1
Finish college
and jump out of an airplane.
He didn't mention a parachute but I think it was implied.

ChazDaddy wants to:
Punch a Llama
Go snowshoeing with his girlfriend
and get his family together and happy

How interesting are these lists? There's no way to tell if Johnxxx is a male or female or for that matter if he/she is 18, 38, or 88.

I know some people take the Bucket List with a grain of salt, but I put a great deal of thought to my list.
Here is my current list, though it changes from time to time:
Go fly fishing in Vermont (or Montana)
Play all the Coffee Houses on the East Coast
Go to Paris
Attend the Grammies
Own a house by the water
Finish my first novel
Build a party barn (I've made progress on this one)
Drive across America and write about what I see
Ride the Orient Express
See the sun rise in Hawaii

I wrote about this a while back seeking comments about Bucket List ideas, but I didn't get much feedback. Maybe people don't think that much about what they want to do before they die, but as I get older, it's becoming more important by the day.


  1. Wow, that is a really cool app, I hadn't heard of that one yet. There really is an app for everything

  2. I did a post on bucket lists in Jan. I had a meeting with our women's organization about wills, trusts, and living for now and making a bucket list..we watched a trailer of the movie and sent everyone home with info about living wills and other important items. Bucket lists don't have to wait until your facing a crisis..everday we need to live and enjoy this gift of life.

  3. I can't bear to have a bucket list cos I'm extremely impatient and if I don't achieve any of these by the end of .. erm.. the week! LOL!! I get very down!! So no more lists for me!! :-)

    But yours is amazing!!! I hope you get to do ALL of them too!! Take care

  4. I had a bucket list long before the movie (but I called it what it was; things to do before I die). Out of 25 things, I've scratched off two; fly in an aerobatic plane, and visit Niagara Falls. Among what's left:
    Ride on a motorcycle, bungee jump, go to England, go to Greece, write a novel, and learn how to eat with chopsticks properly.

  5. I too would love the ride the Orient Express. Sorry my phone is just a phone but I do love the bucket list concept. Something to shoot for anyway :)

    What happen to the tide this past weekend? I was cheering for them.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. I don't have a bucket list, but I made a collage board years ago. I should go back and have a look at it and remind myself or even update it. It helps to focus on accomplishing. Regret is such a cruel waste of time and energy, don't you think!

  7. Thanks all! I think the Bucket List exercise is a good practice.
    @ Ann, Jilda showed me how to do a vision board which I think is what you're calling a collage board.
    I actually updated mine this morning with a few new things. I try to look at it daily.
    Also, your thought about on regret is profound.

  8. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I was definitely inspired by the movie and created a bucket list shortly after viewing the film. My bucket list: Fly first-class (recently accomplished thanks to a mix-up by the Airline), Visit Paris, Sky-dive, Start my own business, Go to Hawaii (Accomplished), Visit Seattle, Maine, Chicago, Napa Valley and the Hamptons, Stay a 4-star hotel, Get my masters degree, live my life to the fullest... The list continues but I will stop there for now!

  9. Honey, been there done that on my bucket

  10. I dont have a bucket list, though the thought is an interesting one....what do I want to do/see/learn/visit before I kick the bucket?
    I enjoy the life I am living and have no great longings. I still like learning new things. Would still like to visit new places. As each day unfolds I rejoice in the new discoveries.
    How is that for a conflicted answer?

  11. What a cool app! I love that people can share their lists. Me, I want to see the pyramids. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  12. I love bucket lists! Good luck with yours!

  13. I work in a hospital where a nurse who has serious cancer. She made a bucket list which is mostly complete. I thought about what I would put on one if I made it. It ended up being mostly everyday "stuff" that I enjoy doing anyway. THE perfect picnic, a day with all the kids and grandkids that was perfectly happy and not rushed, a long ride where we didn't have to hurry to be home, a weekend getaway where my husband wasn't thinking about work...funny. Just stopping to smell the roses....sometimes it's the simplest things that make ones heart smile.
    Thanks for making me think, Rick! Can't wait to see your party house!


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