Saturday, March 26, 2011

It May Be A Long Night

We had dinner with friends tonight and just before time to head home, tornado sirens began to wail. I pulled up the weather on my phone and saw the weather service had placed our county under a tornado warning.
We stayed put for a long time to give the clouds time to move off to the east, before we made a made a mad dash for home. On the way home we saw downed trees and power lines in the road. Lightening to the north looked like the constant flicker of an arc welder.
Alabama and other parts of the south often have early springs and beautiful weather much of the year, but there is a price to be paid. Along with early-blooming azaleas bushes and cherry trees comes the threat of violent weather.
The line of storms have now moved off to the east, but it's no time to rest because off in the distance I can here rolling thunder. Weather radar shows a weather train to the west that heading our way. Fifty miles to the north the temperature is 53 degrees, fifty miles to the south it's 75 degrees. 
We've got the dogs inside and fresh batteries in our flashlights. We're hoping for the best, but it may be a long night.


  1. It's funny when a person always seems to want what they cannot have...but doesn't think of the other side of things.
    I still have feet of spring in sight. I want YOUR weather...but not the tornadoes...

    Stay SAFE!

  2. I haven't heard the weather channel but I'm hoping you guys are all OK.

  3. Oh I hope your evening went ok weather wise?! Please take care, stay in and stay very very safe!!!!

    All the best! x

  4. The natural world can be so delicately fragile and well as majestically awesome in its power. Here's hoping you are safely through it this AM.

  5. We were working in surgery when ours went on last week. It's a bit scary but you just work on.
    This spring weather is so volatile. One day warm and the next cold...its 33 degrees out now....brrrrr!
    Hope you are OK and weather it all well!!

  6. Thanks all for your notes. All is well here. I don't think the storms got on the ground here but the wind blew hard.
    I think the pollen is now somewhere near Georgia.

  7. we don't get tornados. hurricanes but no tornados, well except for the ones that accompany hurricanes.

  8. The rain has been quite welcome. We are so far behind our annual rainfall. The past pollen has blown far wawy and yet, with the fresh drink of water I know those pines will explode with their DNA to the far reaches of the area.

  9. Sounds like some crazy weather! I love a good spring storm but not the kind you have to worry about. Hope all is well :)

  10. Glad you're all ok. Your writing set the tone for suspense and made me worry. I can imagine what it must have felt like. I was in New Hampshire over the weekend and a storm creeped into the mountains and a hiker got lost. I really hope they found her. So many scary weather related stories happen up there. Glad I was safe in town.

  11. You must be brave, because I can build a book shelf from a Sauder's kit the most, without my husband having to help me.


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