Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Desk

I went by Restoration Hardware the other day when I went for my Apple training. I had a few minutes to kill so I walked around and drooled over some of the stuff in this store.
I'm looking for a desk for my creative space. I don't want to spend a small fortune, but I do want a good desk.
I think a good desk is important -- it sets the tone for the work that you plan to do. If it's too cluttered, it can be distracting, but it needs to be inviting.
I saw two desk at Restoration that I loved. Both cost more than my truck. This wooden desk is just the right size for my computer with space for a few books and other things I'd need.
I also saw a desk made out of an airplane wing that looked really cool too.
You guys are going to have to click on a bunch of my Google ads for me to afford either of these so -- chop chop, click click :)
Actually, the wooden desk looks like something I could build myself out of some of the old wood I removed from the barn.
Maybe I'll give that a shot in my spare time.
I have several interviews set up this week so I won't get as much work done on my construction projects.
My knees are already thanking me for the rest.
Y'all have a great week.


  1. You should definitely make your own from the barn wood! I bet it would look amazing :)

  2. I was going to say I liked the wood one...just make sure you take a picture of the one YOU make:))

    Tornadoes fly by you ok?

  3. I love the wooden one too. Can't wait to see the one you are going to make :)

  4. The plane wing desk is pretty cool looking, from an artistic point of view, but kind of cold and clinical for writing. Def. wood would be a better choice, especially if you can build one yourself! (Envious. I can barely pound a nail straight)

  5. Oh go on build yourself a desk!!! You know you want to! :-)

    I do like the idea of the desk made out of a bit of a plane but I much prefer the good ol fashioned solidity of the wooden desk!

    Take care

  6. In your spare time? That made me laugh! Nice pics of the desks. I found the coolest desk (it was a table but had the components of a desk at Pier One years ago for my day spa I owned). Just as an FYI, we aren't going to FL. We found a cottage 4 miles up the road from where we are now for 1/2 of what we spend now. I know you've been busy so must have missed that post. We're so happy to stay in SC

  7. I liked the look of the wooden desk too, but one made out of an airplane wing? Now that's cool! :D :D
    But the coolest thing would be if you made your desk yourself.. :D :D
    Show us when you're done.. :) :)

  8. To be honest I am sure if you want to be creative you will manage to craft a great desk! Enjoy the week :)

  9. Find an old solid wood door and go from there. Good luck. And I agree that working on a wooden desk is much better for inspiration than any other material.

  10. I say make your own! My dad just made a tilting dining room table. That was he can eat dinner or use it for drafts.

  11. That aeroplane desk and chair are amazing! Coveting madly. You should try ebay - I got my lovely antique desk there at a totally knockdown price.

  12. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I will build my table. I wandered around Home Depot today looking for braces and fasteners.
    We'll see how it goes. If it's not a disaster, I'll post pictures :)

  13. I say make your own from the barn wood if you have time. That sounds so perfect!

  14. As I was reading this post, I kept thinking "why doesn't he just build one of his own, he's pretty talented and handy"..then I laughed when I came to the part about building it yourself! Maybe it will be so cool, Restoration Hardware will come knocking on your creative space door and order a few dozen!

  15. I really like Restoration Hardware. Miss having one around. Just having one to help figure out what you want is nice.
    As for desk choices---I go antique...but the chair is the real important piece of furniture. Comfort!

  16. Wow, that airplane wing desk looks amazing! I can see Ornery sitting there tapping away at his computer--or dreaming of flying, one or the other. :)


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