Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

  I had lunch with our financial planner today. He's a good bit younger than me but he's really good at what he does. After we talked a little about the markets, the allocations of my portfolio, expectations, and results, he asked if I missed my old job.

  I almost spewed cashew chicken on the table. Thankfully I didn't laugh hard enough to choke. He got tickled at my response and as I gave him a rundown of all the projects I'm currently working on, he just shook his head.

  It was then I asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. It's a question I ask almost everyone. His answer is a little rare in that he really likes what he does, and he said he'd be happy doing financial planning at 70.

  The response most people give is that "I'm never growing up." But then, as they begin to consider the question, they often say, "I really don't know what I want to do." It's an important question no matter how old you currently are.  John Pasco once said, "You're never to old to become what you might have been." How powerful is that?

  It's a question that I think the seniors of 2011 should give serious consideration to. A lot of people will offer them a bunch of doom and gloom, but I see a world of opportunity out there. Also, it's not always about the money.

  On a sad note, we lost our old dog Charlie this evening. He'd been going down hill for some time but today, he died.

  I was supposed to go out of town today, but I had some issues with my truck and some other things came up. Now I'm thankful I didn't because Jilda and I both are having a hard time with losing our old friend.

I can hear Jilda tapping away at the keyboard right now as I type and I know she'll be writing about him.
So, check out Transformation Information tonight. I know she'll have something interesting to say.


  1. So sorry for your loss. The four-legged furry family members will always hold a place in our hearts. It's hard to lose them when they've been a part of your family for a long time. May your memories comfort you during this difficult time.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing our four-legged babies is such a hard thing.

    I ask myself about once a week what I want to be when I grow up...and when I can answer that question, I'll let you know!

  3. I did read Jilda's blog. You both showed so much love for Dawg and Charlie. They were blessed that you lived near them and could help. I know they blessed you in return.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. :-(

    I hope you have a peaceful day today, take care

  5. Hi Rick!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. and I am so sorry to hear about your Charlie. I've lost pets too and it is just like losing a close family member.
    As far as never growing up, well I have one my child (16) at home, and I can tell you, I have some PLANS when she moves out!!! Love Di ♥

  6. Rick...I'm sorry about your dog. But I believe he's romping in green fields chasing squirrels and butterflies as I write this.

    As for what do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be 50 and still get a kick out of watching cartoons, eat Frosted Flakes and look back on my life and see that I was/am a good person and loved much and received it back. Right now I guess I'm that person. I am blessed is so many ways, just not financially. And so grateful for all of it.

  7. I left a note to Jilda and I offer my condolences to you as well. Losing a pet is hard, the big downfall of pet ownership.
    What does growing up mean? Really? Becoming mature? Becoming responsible? I know 'kids' who are grown up. Interesting posting.

  8. I am sorry to hear about Charlie. It is hard, but know you gave him a good and loving life.

    I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, but now that I am here - although I never got the "job" - I think I fulfilled my wish by raising my kids as a long time SAHM. And that makes me happy.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. I'm sure he will be missed.

    I have the greatest job now and it's being a grandmother to 3 little ones and a helpmate to my sweet hubby. Life is good.

  10. Great post! "I'm never growing up" - I like that. I couldn't answer the question - still working on it...
    So sorry about Charlie. :(

  11. Thanks for all the comments. We had corned beef and cabbage tonight, and I always keep a little treat for the critters. I instinctively saved a bite for Charlie.
    I miss that little guy.
    I have a feeling there are some critter-lovers in this bunch too.

  12. Most of my life what I wanted to be when I grew up was not grown up. Then two years ago things came to a place that I made a decision to grow up, to want to be adult.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog.

  13. I love your question. It's the one I asked myself when I retired and realized it was now time to do it (both grow up and become what I want to be!)


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