Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silent Hammers

   Our carpenter hammered in the last nail before lunch today and to be honest, I was glad to see him go. I sat down on the grass in the backyard and surveyed all we'd done and started making a mental list. Seeing the progress is exciting, but it's also a little overwhelming with all that's left to be done.

   The wind out of the northwest was cool, but the morning sun was warm on my face so I laid back on the grass and watched the clouds for a while.  Bluebirds are house hunting right now, and watched as the male and female took turns going inside our birdhouse. "Well, it looks a little small," she seemed to be saying. "It's the same size as the other house we just looked at." I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes as he said that.
"Well, it needs some paint, and I want a new door, if we're going to stay here," she seemed to be saying. He looked as weary as I felt.

  I'd almost dozed off when our big dog Astro sneaked up and licked me across the face. I jerked upright and we bumped heads. He yelped and headed for the porch thinking I was angry.  I had to catch up to him and make it right between us.

  I think Jilda and I are going to rest for a few days before launching into the cleaning, painting, and other stuff that we need to do.

  I know you are all sick of hearing about all this stuff.  I can assure you, when we finish up we are going to celebrate!


  1. I'm never sick of hearing about renovations that I don't have to do. I even watch shows about it on TV.

  2. not sick of it... hanging on every word!

  3. Not sick at all Rick. Following your progress via the internet. Cute how the dog ran off!

  4. Awwww I love the progress of your creative space!!! I'm just glad y'all got through all the commotion of creating a creative space ok!! Well done you!!!!!

    I hope Mr and Mrs Bluebird settle in the home you made for them!!

    Hugs to sweet Astro!! Awwww! Take care

  5. I love watching other people work, so go ahead and tell all! It will be too cold here for any bird watching, but atleast the snow is only a few flakes and I do have green grass. Good enough! Have a great weekend!


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