Friday, September 16, 2011

Being Aware

The last few nights we both sat down to write later than usual. Last night I had a topic, tonight I didn't. So I pulled out one of my tried and true techniques.
I stopped typing, and looked around the office as if it were the first time I'd ever been in here. I was looking for something I hadn't noticed for a long time.
What I noticed was this photo of Jilda and me taken about 30 years ago....back when I had hair. It looks like we were naked, but we had clothes on. A friend who shot the photo used creative lighting and cropping.
The thing is, this picture has been on our wall since we built this house , but I haven't really noticed it in years.
So the lesson for today kids is to stop reading for a moment......take a moment, look around your writing space, and see if there's something that's been there for a long time, but has escaped your notice.
 It's easy to put your mind on cruise control and muddle through a day without really seeing anything.
I wrote a blog entry back in June of 2006 called "Look Without Seeing" and it continues to get hits even today. It's about exactly what this post is about -- coasting through life on autopilot.
I can tell you, total awareness is not easy.
If you choose to comment, let me know if you've experienced the same thing. What did you see when you looked around?


  1. Yikes - I'm first? The answer is YES - I've had that happen several times. For whatever reason I've taken a fresh look at a room and noticed something - a vase, a photograph, a knickknack - that I haven't really seen in quite awhile. Sometimes it spurs me to rearrange and spring clean, and throw out tired things. Other times it's led me to rediscover a treasure, such as a trio of framed early photographs my daughter took with her first camera, or that vase my husband and I chose so carefully years ago.

  2. Taking a new look at old things is a terrific exercise. I think it's very refreshing and adds much richness to life.

    BTW- that's a great pic of you and Jilda!

  3. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Well what to say:) I went and looked and what do you know I found the waterbill which is overdue!!! Thanks;))

  4. Anonymous4:15 AM

    This is a very beautiful photo and even better article about understanding, observing the surroundings....

  5. Your hairstyle is ... interesting :-)

  6. Anonymous6:37 AM

    First...lovely romantic picture.
    Yes, I did look around. I just noticed that my calendar is still on July.

  7. What a beatiful picture! Simply gorgeous!

  8. I am a clea organized freak but i am not an exemption to this. What i usually do is just stop and inch by inch i try to check the whole place and i will be prompted that the most obvious is what i usually forgot. The bed in the bedroom, the table in the living room and so on and so forth... You are right sir sometimes we just need to stop and look around...


    Btw, i love the pic...

  9. Right now all my memories are in storage. Not knowing what was happening or where we'd be was unclear. Now I know I'm staying right here so after Bruce moves, I'm putting up all my memories so I can look at them and enjoy them every day. I can't wait to begin my new chapter in life. Soon! Beautiful picture of you two btw.

  10. Oh wow. Oh look at you and Jilda! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Jilda looks the same now and you - well - you've metamorphosised into someone else entirely! Yay!

    Enjoy your moments! Take care

  11. Marvelous picture. Living in an RV which is such a small space, you are very aware of everything that you own. If not for their own value, then for their weight which is extremely important. Moving into an RV also gives you a very different perspective on what is important to you. That picture would be one of those that would go with me on my journey.

  12. Good suggestions. I do the same thing on Wed nights when I have to give the devotional. I look around from something I can use as an object lesson. Writing takes ideas, and there are usually more than enough floating around, if we can see them.

  13. LOVE the photo. It's so beautiful.


  14. Awesome pic. I love black and white photos! Your entry made me realize I need to do some serious house cleaning. NOT one of my favorite things to do! lol

  15. This is such a wonderful picture of you and Jilda. The lighting is great. Hubby and I have some pictures of us together in our work space. I so agree that total awareness is not easy. I was hiding out (dissociation) for so many years that now that I am awake and present it is a battle to remain present.

  16. In a way looking without seeing is like existing without living - the chores, the responsibilities, the daily routines - where does that leave our lives?


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