Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Blue

I was on the water by 7 this morning. I met my friend Howard there and we made our way down to the river.
It was cool this morning, but I didn't think it was cool enough to wear long sleeves. Howard wore a windbreaker and the closer to the water, the more I regretted not wearing something warmer than shorts and a t-shirt.
Gray clouds hung over the valley like wood smoke and every now and then a thin mist of rain blew down the river and set chills up my spine.
All summer the wind has been mild on the river so casting was simple, but I learned today that there is an art to casting in wind that's near gale force. The technique is to not cast until the wind dies down.
It took me a while to get that (guess my mind was on the slow boat today). In fact I spent more time untangling my line than I did fishing.
I feared I would be skunked (go home without catching at least one fish), but a rainbow took pity on me about 30 minutes before I left.
Even with the challenges, it was fun being on the river. I should have taken a queue from a great blue herron that was sitting on a limb above the water who was looking at me as if to say -- "boy, don't know you can't do any good when the cold wind blows?" I do now Mr. Blue


  1. You fishermen are a tough bunch. Absolutely any weather will find you on the water. Perhaps Mr. Blue doesn't know fishermen after all. Ha

  2. My daughter is learning how to fish by trial and error and I guess you are too! No matter what though it is great to be out in nature.

  3. I guess there is always something new to learn :-)

  4. Anonymous2:32 AM

    If it took you out a while to figure not to cast in teh gail wind..its good you idin 't loose your gear:))

  5. You fish and learn, Rick! LOL!!

    Hope you didn't get too chilled! But you didn't get skunked (love that word!) and nabbed yourself a fish! Yay! Take care

  6. At least you got it figured out before the day is gone. LOL! And don't worry Mr. Blue won't talk...

    Have a wonderful weekend sir!


  7. I like rainbow fish! Hows those knees?

  8. I'm glad that you managed to get a bite before you left! Expect you were pretty cold by the time you got home though.

  9. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Brrrr I can just feel that icy mist clinging. Thank goodness you caught a fish. But wow..that was some therapy for the knees wasn't it?

  10. Whew. You did catch one fish. Sounds too cold for me.

  11. Jim fishes in any weather except wind and lightning. And it really doesn't matter if he catches anything or not. He prefers to catch but he loves fishing.

  12. Was almost a day you could have written about 'it's the process not the product'. Glad you scored a fish...makes going home an easier road to tread!

    Thanks for your encouraging and kind words while my Sweetheart was down and out, I hope to be able to read and comment on all my dear friends blogs more often.


  13. It's not the fish, it's the fishing; being on the water, the weather, the expactations, and finally - the Fish (big prize for you efforts and patience).
    You've got the right attitude.


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