Thursday, September 29, 2011

Low Tide

Sometimes the words flow like honey from a warm beehive. Today was not one of those days. I had a column due and I struggled with a topic.
I looked back over my blog entries for the last week or so, but none of them seem to fit. Finally I wrote a column about my grandfather and his blacksmith shop.
But here's what I think --our lives are a series of cycles. The tide rolls in, the tide rolls out, the sun will rise without a doubt, the ever flowing rhythm of life.
You can't always write while the tide is high, sometimes you have to get down and howdy up with the crabs, when the tide is low. That's what I did today.
When you have words you have to write, you put your big boy UndeRoos on and you get it done. It might not win a Pulitzer, but you can muddle through to write better paragraphs one day.
I hope you all have a remarkable Friday, and a relaxing weekend.


  1. Big boy underoos...I love it! Yep, you're right. Sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it's like pulling teeth. I'm so glad you were able to make it through and get the job done. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It seems that no matter what you write, I get a beautiful picture in my head. Now I want to howdy up to the crabs. I know when I get stuck, the hardest thing is to just START. Once I do that, things start to flow. Of course, I'm not doing it on a deadline or for pay, and I know that puts more pressure on. I still love your way with words. Like talking to an old friend.

  3. I love the truth in your words an how you convey you thoughts.

    Will explore more of your posts.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Such wise words! I love your writing Rick, and the expressions you use - "flow like honey from a warm beehive" and "you have to get down and howdy up with the crabs!" Wonderful my friend.

  5. Sometimes inspiration finds you rather than the other way round!!

    Yay for your grandfather and his shop! Take care

  6. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I think we should(for blogging world) have a widget: I am in know something like on the shop doors :Closed.
    Or will be back in couple of days:)
    Of course we do not have inspiration to write all the time ,neither is there party in my kitchen every day:)And you know what .It is OK:)

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    The well is never dry but sometimes the bucket falls off the rope.

  8. I really like your reference to the tide. It makes you remember that when things are "low", that is will get better again. I had a similar experience recently watching a video about the growth cycle, called "the pumpkin circle". It shows how life continues to evolve and change and renew itself again. Lovely have a nice weekend, and enjoy that tide, wherever it may be.

  9. I'm stuck at the moment as well...think I've put on too much sunscreen.

  10. Love what you wrote here. It must be hard to have a deadline. Sounds like you picked a great topic.


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