Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've had a mountain of debris in our back yard since spring. The tornados that ravished Alabama in April blew down several trees and limbs in our yard.
When the weather patterns are normal, I burn about once a month which balances the ebb and flow. But after the tornadoes, the rain avoided us like we had bad breath. Then the heat moved in for over two months. Then the state issued a burn ban and so the debris pile, grew.
For some reason, I think this pile of debris lingered somewhere deep in my psyche, causing creative constipation (now that puts an ugly image in my mind).
But the temps have dropped dramatically these last few days, and we got enough rain to lift the burn ban. So today I pulled up a lawn chair and I set that pile ablaze.
It felt good sitting by the fire and watching the embers glow. The sound of the fire almost put me in a trance. My breath became deep and my eyes unfocused. Time seemed to stand still.
When I walked back inside, I had an email from a local coffee house that wants to book us to play. Jilda got word that she'd been accepted into a yoga class that she really wanted to attend.
I came up with a first line for a short story I'm writing, and new melodies have been bugging me all afternoon.
Some folks may doubt that burning a pile of debris could do anything but rid your property of unwanted rubble, but what nay sayers believe is unimportant to me. I believe that on some level, it's helped us to move on.


  1. Some days all things go well. May you have many more such days.

  2. A purifying burn. Spiritually, mentally and physically.

  3. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Yes ,there si somethings that you can put off only so long.Now taht it is finaly out of teh can be free too spend it on great things;))

  4. I'm with you Rick. Love sitting out by a fire. Watching the different colors has such a calming affect on me. And of course making s'mores! lol

  5. Both of you seem to have had a great day!

  6. Sounds like a productive, creative day. I wish for those kinds of days constantly. You never know where/when inspiration will strike. Good luck in all your endeavors. :)

  7. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Maybe it's a feng shui kind of thing...getting rid of the garbage physically gets rid of it on a mental level as well. I know when we cleared out all the junk in our basement I felt a whole lot better.

  8. Just like water, fire is a purifier. What a great day for you both!

  9. The weather has been crazy this year. Great post.

  10. Glad you had such a super, mind freeing day!

  11. Now, I would have wanted to rummage and scrounge through that pile to pick out all the best pieces for my garden! One ma'ss junk is another man's treasure :) I'm glad burning your heap set you free. I get that when I deal with heaps of ironing that build up to the point that I have no option but to tackle them...when they're done and all packed away, I, too feel an overwhelming sense of release. Pity I can't turn it into a creative spark, too :)

  12. My typing finger is really letting me down today...that should read, one MAN'S junk! Sorry I'm busy cluttering up your comments page with my errata!


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