Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weeny Roast

The fire still burned this morning though all that remained were embers and ashes. I took the rake and dug down a little to make sure there were no smoldering logs hidden beneath the surface.
After a moment the fire was burning again, but nothing like yesterday. I leaned on the handle of the rake and watched it burn for a while.
I had an idea as I stood there -- why not have a singer/songwriter/weeny roast? I mentioned it to Jilda and she was all over it. 
We could do Smores -- for more on smores, read Jilda's blog. When we mentioned the idea to a few of our other friends, the idea caught on like a wild fire. 
We'll be getting our calendars together and decide on the best night to do it. I'll invite our friend Dale and maybe he'll video the event and we can YouTube some pieces.
I told you burning that debris unblocked my creative flow.
Y'all have a great week and let's all do something remarkable.


  1. Oh, man! Way to put the pressure on! I just need to get through the week so I can go see my grandkids (including the new one!) But come to think of it, just being a grandmother is rather remarkable, isn't it? Perhaps your bonfire unclogged my brain as well. Your party with friends and s'mores sounds wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful time that will be. Be sure to give a link to the YouTube.

  3. It's been so "fallish" around here and we had a fire too on Sat....I think having a weeny roast sounds so fun and I'm sure it will be a blast. I think sitting by a campfire is the best destresser I can have!

  4. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Oh I see you are getting creative.When you mentioned roast..I was thinking..that remainds me of sunday lunch tradition at my mums place.Than I thought I do not have tradition like that:)

  5. If we had a fire in our back yard our neighbors would call the fire department and the police! With all the forest around us they are pretty anal about fires. I'll roast a weenie on the stove in your honor!

  6. Yes do that and post your creations :)) Love the idea!

  7. Weeny roast as in sausages? Washed down with lashings of smores! Yay! Take care

  8. What a wonderful idea. That's the sort of get together I'd like :-)

  9. Great idea for and old fashioned get together. You all will have great fun!

  10. I love the way your imagination works and the picture of you, leaning on the rake, watching those embers...really rather appealing in a restful, mesmerising kind of way. You write SO WELL!


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