Friday, September 23, 2011

So it goes

I've misplaced a small case for our recording microphone, and for the life of me, I can't find it. It's about the size of a block of commodity cheese. It's too big to fit in most of our drawers, it's not on the shelf where its supposed to be. I took everything out of my office closet and then re-stacked everything back,  so I'm at a loss.
I'm guessing alien involvement, but I can't get confirmation.
I've found about a dozen things that I'd lost in the past and had given up on -- a book that I couldnt' find so I replaced it. A cable that that hooks my computer to my recording device. You guessed it, I replaced it too. Now I have spares, but chances are, the next time I need them, they will go into stealth mode and become invisible.
Anyhow, I've written the case off. Next time I go to the music store, I'll buy a new one. When I return home, I'll probably trip over the one I lost.
So it goes.


  1. Oh my - this happens to us all the time. So we have lots of extras and like you we can't find the extras either. You would think that living in a space as small as an RV that we would be able to find things.

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I have a small cotatge so I am (because of the reasons in your blog) very organized.Unlike my dad who is type ofperson that stacks evrything under the motto ,we will need it oneday:) How did your dishing go?
    Next week (o hapiness0 for the first time after my dad had heartattack we are going fishing togethet again.I am so exited to ahve that back:))

  3. Of course Rick, it's the rules. You can't possibly find a lost item until you've replaced it.

  4. "It's about the size of a block of commodity cheese." I love that line -- I remember those blocks of commodity cheese, or as one of my buddies called it, 'modity cheese.

  5. Not being able to find something drives me insane. My children will gladly testify to the level of insanity I can reach.


  6. I lost my bra today and found it between my sheets. Who knows why.

  7. It'll turn up when you're not looking and it'll be in the last place on this planet you'd never think of. Seriously! Take care

  8. It can just make you mad! Like crazy mad because I want to desperately find it (it usually being jewelry in my case) but I know I should just stop looking because it's useless. And I know it'll show up when I least expect it. So I should be patient. But I can't be patient because I want to know where it is . . . maddening, I say! :O

  9. Glad to see someone just like me! sandie

  10. Don't you have another bag or case that could be a substitute until you find the one that you misplaced?

  11. The word "commodity cheese" jumped out at me from your blog. I'd just bet quite a few of your readers don't know the meaning of this term.

    (The cheese was actually very good and a good quality)


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